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🌲 Reconnect with Nature 🌲

Grounding was a daily practice for our ancestors, but is now rarely utilized despite its healing and calming effects.

👣 According to research, grounding or making bare skin contact with earth has plenty of benefits:

▶︎ Lowers Inflammation

▶︎ Improves Sleep

▶︎ Reduces Pain

▶︎ Improves Blood Pressure

▶︎ Reduces Anxiety

▶︎ Improves Mood

▶︎ Reduces Blood Viscosity

▶︎ Reduces Oxidative Stress

For example, it helps the blood flow better by restoring its correct electrical charge, meaning the red blood cells aren't clumped together after 40 mins of grounding.

You can get grounded by walking barefoot on the grass, swimming in large open waters or standing on the beach.

It's powerful and free (unlike many other biohacks) and awareness needs spreading of this amazing health hack.

If the various benefits evoked your interest in this topic and you want to learn more about how it works and can reduce your body's level of oxidative stress and chronic inflammations, find a very informative podcast HERE.

💡 When was the last time you grounded?

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