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Look, feel and perform better than ever. 

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„When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best version of themselves. “

Steve Maraboli


certified Performance, Recovery and Sleep Coach who empowers ambitious everyday athletes to sustained energy, peak performance and well-being by optimally balancing stress with recovery. 

On my personal journey to my best version, I have realized that self-improvement is not only for one's own happiness. It is rather the foundation to be even more impactful with my vision: Inspiring and empowering you to become your best version. 

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... Everyone knows this. I am pretty sure you too. But most people overlook or ignore other, equally vital pieces of the health puzzle:







Many people who struggle to sustainably upgrade their energy, performance and well-being just can’t put their finger on WHY. For example, because they haven’t yet identified chronic stress, lack of sleep or limiting beliefs as their restricting factors. Others know they're dealing with more struggles than ever, but they aren't sure how to get it under control.

The truth to solve these struggles is that you need more than sleep hacks, the next "12 weeks beach body program", or stress-reducing “best practices” to help you get the life-changing and sustainable results you truly deserve. 

So, what's the answer? 🧐


Fabian, Co-Founder & CEO

In the last few months, I was at my limit due to my self-employment and could no longer switch off. My sleep in particular has suffered as a result. I met Björn through an acquaintance at a networking event. We exchanged ideas, I found his approach special and decided to take up coaching with him relatively soon. In short: it was definitely worth it. He helped me to deal with stress more consciously and improve my sleep through small, individually tailored changes to my habits. Especially the comprehensive assessment and sleep tracking have clearly shown me where my problems are. In the meantime, I feel much more efficient, fitter and clearer in my head. My business and my motivation benefit from this! Thank you again for the great opportunity.


Janine, Consultant

I contacted Björn because I was experiencing sleep problems due to health issues. In an initial conversation, we discussed which issues I was already doing well in my sleep routine and which could still be improved, based on a questionnaire I had filled out. Björn gave me small tips (e.g. light alarm clock), but also discussed larger topics with me at greater length (e.g. causes of sleep disorders, routine for falling asleep again). In addition, I found it super nice that he very individually  thought about my health issues and gave me some suggestions from his experience. The continuous messages following the personal conversation help to stay motivated to implement the discussed potentials. In addition, Björn is always available if you have questions or need support. I really loved the coaching with Björn and can recommend him to anyone who would like to change his/her health and life. Thank you again for your support, Björn!

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Kamil, Marketing Lead

Since a lot of things in my life had started to falter (professionally and privately), Björn and I found each other. His attentive and emphatic manner made me feel very well taken care of. Björn helped me to self-reflect with his questioning techniques and showed me possible solutions. Through his expertise, I was able to give my everyday life more structure and rhythm again, especially with new, healthy routines. This has brought me more clarity, energy and balance for all areas of life. Dear Björn, thank you very much for every conversation! :)

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Marie, Sr. Marketing Manager

I have known Björn for several years. A coaching session came about rather by chance. I had another very stressful phase and this time I actively looked for support. In the end, he convinced me of his holistic approach to health and his ability to live it. In the months we spent together, his support was really super. In the past, I have tried from time to time to get more balance into my life, unfortunately without success. With his empathetic way of coaching and his "5 minute" method, he made it easy for me to finally pay attention to healthy routines such as a regular sleep rhythm, a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. Now I just have to keep at it and implement what I have learned. Hence, clear recommendation!

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Marvin, Master Graduate & Former Athlete

Through the individual support, I have above all gained an awareness of the importance of my sleep. Through the evening routine, which is personally tailored to me, I have completely rethought the last 2 hours as well as my sleep itself. The result: my energy level has improved significantly. That was my actual goal. But I am not only noticeably more productive than I was a year ago. The work with Björn has also laid the foundation for my personal growth. This would not have been possible without the optimisation of my energy balance/sleep. The communication and Björn's approach, which is absolutely at eye level (buddy-like), should be particularly emphasised. It was also great that Björn first built up my knowledge in detail and showed me what adjustments I could make to improve my energy balance/sleep. Examples of this were the introduction of an evening routine and a healthy diet (on a macro/micro level). Björn also always had an open ear for my wishes. Together we developed a plan that was realistic and easy for me to implement and that improved my health in the long term.


More Energy. More Performance. More YOU. 

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P.S. If you still feel indecisive after our FREE discovery call, you can make an additional reference call with a former coachee. 

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